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Five Steps for Giving Your Marketing Plan a ‘Spring Cleaning’

Spring has sprung, and the need to purge and refresh comes with it. But don't limit your tidying to offices and closets – take a swing at sprucing up your marketing plan!


  • Spring cleaning can also apply to your marketing plan, and there are several ways to refresh and make it more effective.
  • Reviewing goals, analyzing target audiences, auditing content, evaluating marketing channels, and setting a schedule for review and optimization are five tips for cleaning up your current marketing plan.
  • By doing the work, you can ensure that your marketing efforts are targeted, efficient, and effective.
  • Keep reading for a customized Digital Marketing Spring Cleaning Checklist!

Tidy Up!

Spring has sprung, and the need to purge and refresh comes with it. But don’t limit your tidying to offices and closets – take a swing at sprucing up your marketing plan!

Marketing has a lot of facets and sub-departments that often get overlooked or need more attention. When other items take priority in the everyday hustle and bustle, you don’t want others to fall too far behind. 

So, where to start? Renewing your marketing can look a few different ways, but the main goal is to make it as effective and efficient as possible. Here are five tips for cleaning up your current marketing plan:

Step 1: Review your goals

The first step to cleaning up your marketing plan is to decide what you want to achieve with your marketing efforts. Are your current goals still relevant, or do you need to update them? Ensure your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART). Setting the right goals helps to stay focused and track your progress.

Step 2: Analyze your target audience

You need to know your target audience inside and out to move forward with marketing efforts throughout the year. Who are your ideal customers? What are their needs, wants and pain points? Do you need to adjust your target audience based on recent changes in the market? You can create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns by understanding your audience better.

Step 3: Audit your content

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to audit your content. Look closely at your website, social media profiles and other marketing materials. Are they up-to-date and relevant? Do they align with your brand message and tone? Is there any outdated or inaccurate information that needs to be removed or updated? The easier it is for customers to find the information and content they need, the better it is for your brand image and the higher chance of referrals.

Step 4: Evaluate your marketing channels

Are you using the right channels to reach your target audience? Do you need to adjust your budget or tactics based on the performance of each channel? By analyzing your marketing channels, you can optimize your efforts and ensure you’re reaching your audience where they are most often.

Step 5: Set a schedule for review and optimization

Any marketing plan shouldn’t be set in stone – it should be a living document that evolves with your business and the market. Set a regular schedule to review your plan, evaluate your performance and adjust as needed. Doing so will ensure your efforts and content are always fresh and compelling.

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home – it’s also an opportunity to clean up your business life and company. By putting in the work, you can guarantee your marketing efforts are targeted, efficient and effective. Take the time to give your company the boost it needs with a little sprucing up!

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